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Breathing Otter™ Plush!

Breathing Otter™ Plush!

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🌙Better sleep

✨Relaxing cuddles

🧸Soft and cozy

💤 No more tossing


Sleep Support with Delightful Features:

Transform bedtime into a serene experience with Hello Kitty. The toy's stomach moves gently, accompanied by a soft light. Choose from o selection of calming sounds, including natural sounds, white noise, uterine sounds, breathing sounds, and heart sounds. The customizable melody and adjustable volume create the perfect atmosphere for your baby to drift into peaceful sleep.


Battery: Requires 4 AAA batteries (test battery included)


  • Sensory Stimulation: The soft texture, relaxing melody, and belly light of Hello Kitty stimulate tactile sensation, hearing, and visual perception, contributing to overall sensory development.
  • Secure and Comforting: Hello Kitty Sleeping becomes a trusted friend, providing a sense of security through gentle movements and soothing music.

Peace of Mind and Safety🎀



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