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Pink Hello Kitty Led Light Vanity Mirror

Pink Hello Kitty Led Light Vanity Mirror

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Elevate your space with handcrafted neon LED light vanity mirror <3


Creates the perfect ambiance and comfort

Perfect way to upgrade your room with these!

Super easy to set up 💙


Can add words / lettering 



1. Acrylic board X1

2. LED piping

3. Power cable (2-3 meters)

4. Power adaptor X1 (change the high voltage to the low(12v)

5. Plug x1

6. Mounting kit (chain, screw, steel wire) - 50,000 lifespan, even lighted in 24 hours of the year, it can serve over 5 years

7. Dimmer


A piece of art, decorated in many occasions such as bar, home, cafe, store etc. 

Low energy light, only 12V (on condition that you need to plug the adaptor)


Perfect for gifting!




"Just because" gifts for her/him  

Made with love

Packaged with care

Happy shopping!


Please reach out any time with questions! <3 

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